Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper Review and Unboxing Video

Product Description:

The Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper is one of those toys that every single child has probably seen and played with at one point in their life. In fact, nearly all adults have probably played with a version of this exciting and fun toy. While this toy does not look exciting to most adults, it is certainly is one of the favorite toys for most little ones. A toy that is going to be played with for a long time. This toy was actually created in 1957 and is one of those toys that you can be sure to see around for a long time.

Product Features:
– Toy features bright co...

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Top 10 Best Children’s Bath Toys

Bath time for your baby, toddler, or young child can be stressful, or it can be a play time that never ends. Some kids will scream and fight and avoid the bath at all costs, and others think everything in the bath is a toy. An ideal solution to both these problems is to find them some bath-friendly toys. These are our top ten favorites.

Paw Patrol Mini Figures Set of Six, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Rubble, Marshall, Chase  

These figurines make perfect bath toys for any avid Paw Patrol fans. You get all six pups in the set, and they are cute and well-made...

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Top Ten Building Toys

Kids are naturally curious and creative. They need to be that way so that they can develop all the necessary skills to thrive in life.One of the best things you can do for your kid is give them a wide range of toys to practice their curiosity, creativity, ingenuity, and logic. These are the top ten building toys on the market today, all of them guaranteed to feed your child’s brain and imagination.

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, Classic

The first step to creative building is a good block. The first block for your child, ideally, should be one that is easy to put together...

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Top 10 Best Marvel Toys 2017

Marvel and DC are both working hard to produce some amazing cinematic universes right now. The plots and characters of their films are all deeply interconnected, resulting in an enormous universe that is highly addictive to watch. Maybe you have kids and they’re huge fans of the Marvel universe. Or maybe you’ve always been a fan and a figurine collector, and you’re wondering about what merchandise you can get from the latest characters. Well we’ve had a look and found the top ten best toys from the Marvel franchises.

Funko POP! Marvel: Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure

Funko POP makes some ad...

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Five Best Drones for Kids 2017

Over a few years drones have gone from highly specialized tools used by law enforcement and the military, to toys every kid wants. They are like the next step up from remote controlled helicopters, complete with the ability to do tricks and daring stunts, chase your friends, and film your antics. So chances are you have a son or daughter who wants to get into drones for kids. But how do you know which one is right for your child’s age range or interests? Here are our top ten, with some hints and tips as to which child they may be suitable for.

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Disney Elsa’s Ice Castle Lego Toy Review

Even girls can enjoy playing with LEGO building block sets. Yay!

Product Description

lego-elsa-ice-castleThis LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle is the perfect toy for fans of Frozen. It features 3 of the main characters from the film, a perfect LEGO replica of Princess Elsa’s castle and lots of cool accessories. Your kids will have lots of fun exploring all the details of the castle, making the characters interact and using the accessories to create multiple play scenarios.

Product Information

  • Recommended Ages = 6 to 12 years old
  • Total Pieces = 292

Product Features

Princess Elsa’s Sparkling...

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Lego City Police Toy Review

Product Description

lego city police

Lego City Police

The LEGO City Police Station is the perfect toy for kids who love playing cops and robbers. It features all the figures, buildings and vehicles necessary to pull of heists, jailbreaks, high speed chases and more. With over 800 pieces, 8 mini figures, 3 buildable locations and 4 vehicles, it’s one of the larger LEGO sets you can buy and has a huge number of play options.

Product Information

  • Recommended Ages = 6 to 12 years old
  • Total Pieces = 854

Product Features

8 mini figures which include: 

lego city police department

Lego City Police Department

  • 3 police men mini figures
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Hot Wheels Basic Car – 50 Pack Review

I’m more than sure that my grandsons will have plenty of Hot Wheels toy cars as they get older. This is the perfect gift to start a little boy with his collection of hot cars.

hot wheels collection

Hot Wheels Collection

Product Description

The Hot Wheels Basic Car 50-Pack features a diverse selection of high quality Hot Wheels vehicles. It’s a fantastic option for kids who are just getting started with Hot Wheels and for Hot Wheels enthusiasts who want to expand their collection. All the vehicles are individually packaged and built to the very high standard you’d expect from the Hot Wheels brand.

Product Inform...

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Barbie Characters & Dolls

Barbie is one of the most well known fashion dolls in the world. From the moment the doll burst onto the toy scene, she’s been a consistent bestselling toy that’s loved by children and collectors alike.

There are so many versions of the doll that you can buy along with her plentiful accessories, playsets and even household items like bedding. Many of the Barbie dolls are created after movie characters and some are created with a particular career, such as Barbie as a veterinarian.

The Barbie and The Secret Door Princess Alexa Singing Doll is a princess doll based on the story of Barbie and...

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