Dolls, Doll Houses and Action Figures

Dolls have always been popular among children, especially girls. This is a toy that never goes out of style. Over the years many different types of dolls have been made, with different features and accessories, and of different sizes. Small or big, with long or short hair, dolls are still among the best-selling toys. Originally, dolls mostly had one set of clothes (the one worn), but today’s dolls have so many accessories. From several sets of clothes and a mobile phone to make up kits, handbags, and jewelry, dolls are the quintessential girls’ toy. They can play dress up with the doll, changing its outfits to suit different occasions, styling the hair and generally playing with the doll. Some children are even known to refuse to go to bed unless they have their favorite doll in their arms. Most children give their dolls names and often address them as human beings when playing with them. There are several doll series, where you can buy the entire series at once, or buy each doll separately to add to your collection.


Doll houses have increasingly become popular, with parents buying them for their children as part of a doll set. They can in different sizes and colors, and give children a place to call home for their dolls. Some are simple, while other doll houses are more complex with multiple floors and movable parts. There are generic doll houses, character-themes houses, and rook add-ons to expand an existing doll house. There are plastic and wooden doll houses; you choose the one that works best for your child. Doll house furniture and accessories are also sold to accessorize doll houses and to make the fantasy play experience even better for your child. The furniture may be themed, such as beach or movie night furniture, or it may be generic furniture that can be used in any doll house. Some doll houses are large (the height of a child) while others are miniature.


Action figures are also a common type of doll for children. These collectible figures come in different sizes and are often a series, where the child collects each action figure in the particular series. Nowadays, most action figures are themed, with some modeled after popular movies, TV shows, and video games. Some are robotic and are operated by remote controls. Some have movable parts, while others do not have any part that can move.

Dolls, doll houses, and action figures are enough to keep your child occupied for hours as they play on their own or with their friends. They are not limited to a certain age and can be enjoyed by children at any age.


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Action Figures, Doll Houses, Dolls

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